Personal Injury Marketing

It is a well-known fact that law firm marketing is a very competitive space, but the most competitive area in this domain is “Personal Injury Law”. Out of the top 25 most expensive keywords on Google AdWords was seen that 19 of them were related to Personal injury. This stat should not come as a surprise given that we tend to see in many cities you can’t turn on a television for more than 30 minutes or walk down the street without seeing an ad for a personal injury lawyer. It’s an extremely competitive industry. Given this high level of competition, it is no surprise that most personal injury firms work with specialized marketing agencies.

What are the most effective ways of generating leads?

There are many ways of generating leads but the most common ones used by most marketing agencies for generating personal injury leads are as follows

  1. SEO for Personal Injury.
  2. Google Ads
  3. Facebook ads

Many personal injury marketing agencies that do the best job of marketing on the Internet often use all three to different degrees based on the level of competition in that region. We will explore the basics of how each channel can be leveraged.

SEO for Personal Injury

Given that local searches dominate the search results on Google for legal keywords, it is no surprise that SEO for personal injury lawyers is one of the most effective ways of getting leads. The local results occupy a significant portion of the real estate on the Google search. But Google only shows 5-6 local search results inside this list, so it is a very competitive space to get listed. You have to compete with many 100s attorney firms that operate in any given city. Given this competition level, attorney firms don’t have the time and resources to invest in competing for this audience. Most firms will end up working with a specialist marketing firm that can help with the local SEO.

Google Search Listings are Dominated by Local Search results

Google Ads for Personal Injury

The Google ads for Personal Injury is the most competitive one but is still the fastest and the most effective way to generate potential cases for Personal Injury attorneys. The cost per click is high, but most successful personal injury law marketing firms use google because it delivers the ROI. To help you succeed on Google ads, you will need to build landing pages with a very high conversion rate. The messaging and the story told on those pages have to entice the users looking for personal injury attorneys. Given the high demand for Personal Injury, google has come up with attorneys’ listings right inside the google search results. These sponsored results are the first thing shown to the user when someone searches for a personal injury lawyer in a specific city. These listings are above the local organic listings described in the previous section. Thus, most of the space on the Google search result page (SERP) is take from these local listings. As you can imagine, the competition level would be very high, given the increased demand.

Google Screened listing of Personal injury Lawyers.

Facebook Ads for Personal Injury Law Firms

Given the level of competition we see on the personal injury SEO and Google ads, it is natural for the marketing agencies to look beyond Google as a channel for getting leads. Facebook offers the ability to target people based on demographics and their interests. It is a medium to advertise your services to potential users. If the users who see your Facebook ad have a possible case, they will visit your landing page and fill-up the form. Facebook is also used by all types of advertisers, making it competitive, but the cost is not as high as the Google ads. For the Facebook ads to work, one needs to invest in making great landing pages and invest in CRO (Conversion Rate optimization)

Demandlane -Pay per Transfer

Given the level of complexities and the competition involved in SEO and running ads on Google and Facebook, most law firms do not manage this independently and work with marketing agencies for their lead gen requirements. They then work with a call center to screen the leads for their case filters. At Demandlane, we have taken this a step further by providing a full-stack service where we do the lead generation, qualification, and screening for case filters and only transfer calls of customers who meet your case filters. We do all the hard work, and you only pay for qualified transfers.

We have years of experience providing full-stack marketing solutions for the legal domain, and our lead gen process is fully TCPA compliant. You can reach out to our team by clicking on the link below.