Grow patient base for your Laboratory

We help Labs get new patients within parameters such as location and insurance network.

Patients in Need

We’re experts at reaching patients with chronic conditions at their point of need. They are screened by our patient support team to meet your specific needs.

Pay Per Inquiry

We do all the hard work of generating the leads, validating the insurance and medical necessities. You only pay per Inquiry, it is that simple.

Compliant Marketing

Rest assured that our marketing is completely EKRA compliant, Fixed annual compensation for services at fair market rate.

How we do it

Reach that can scale

Digital marketing stack that can reach millions of patients and generate tens of thousands of inquiries daily


Our proprietary technology and analytics stack helps us align with your lab’s needs, both in scale and target criteria

Permission based (Opt-in)

All registrations that are TCPA compliant with express consent to contact


Once someone has requested info we diligently call back to reach the patient

Verified Inquiries

We verify health profiles, insurance requirements, confirm interest and consent and then send inquiries to a healthcare partner

Integration with your EHR

Once our team qualifies inquiries, they are sent to your EHR in real-time

Types of Inquiries

Our Pay Per Inquiry leads are based extensive understanding of the Cardio, Cgx, Pgx domain


Our marketing stack allows us to target patients who have an history of cancer and the right insurance to cover for the tests.


Using our marketing stack we are able to target patients who are want to take the Pharmacogenetic(Pgx).

Cardio Genetic

Our skilled patient screening team screens the patients for qualification criterion like arrhythmia and insurance cover for the test.

Why Us?

With deep industry experience and strong technology, we have the experience to deliver patient inquiries to help grow your Lab

Deep Industry

With over 10 years of experience in demand generation and with deep experience in helping healthcare organizations we know how to reach millions of patients and generate thousands of daily registrations

Data and

Our technology stack uses best-in-class analytics to find your target patients, scale, and quickly learn and adapt

Smart Communications Technology

Through a communications software stack that combines phone calls and text messages, we are able to quickly reach patients that have requested info about services offered by your lab

Skilled Patient
Service Team

We have skilled patient service teams that can quickly screen patients that meet health profiles and your targeting needs

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About Us

DemandLane is a marketing agency focused on generating patient inquiries. Our process is EKRA compliant, and we specialize in finding patients that match your parameters such as location, insurance network, and preexisting health conditions. We have a custom marketing technology stack that enables us to deliver performance at scale.​

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