How to generate Zantac lawsuit leads?

On April 1, 2020, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requested that all companies withdraw their ranitidine products. They found that Zantac and its generic version contain carcinogen NDMA in levels much higher than average. Further research has established that continuous use of heartburn medicine may lead to cancer. Consumers of Zantac (or its generic version Ranitidine) can now claim compensation by filing compensation through a lawsuit. After this news, many mass tort companies have been using different channels to reach out to the consumers who have developed cancer after using Zantac for more than one year.

Google Ads channel

People who are suffering from taking Zantac will seek out litigation attorneys to help them achieve justice and compensation. These people are likely using Google to discover attorneys to represent them for getting compensation. And they are likely to be highly motivated claimants for the lawsuit. Given that these are the most motivated clients, the competition for those keywords is very high on organic listings and Google ads. The number of people performing these searches is likely to be low because people may have forgotten about the news which came out in April 2020.

Facebook as a channel

Given that many folks may not be aware of the link between Zantac use and cancer, many marketing firms take the route of education and awareness to generate leads. One of the most popular ways to reach out to potential claimants is to run awareness ads. People who have cancer will see these ads and then visit the attorney’s landing page and become a likely lead for the attorney firms. The approach is to reach out to many consumers (FB cannot target folks who have cancer) and hope that some have cancer caused due to Zantac intake.

Working with Marketing firms

Many law firms will engage with dedicated marketing firms for the lead generation of Zantac lawsuits. These marketing firms use Google, Facebook, and other affiliate networks to do the lead generation activities to reach potential claimants. Often the marketing firms generate the leads, and then the law firm works with a call center to screen and qualify the customers to meet the specific case filters. The case filters for being eligible to get compensation are very stringent, and the law firms spend a considerable amount of time to screen and qualify the customers.

At Demandlane, we have taken this a step further by providing a full-stack service where we do the lead generation, qualification, and screening for Zantac case filters and only transfer calls of customers who meet your case filters. We do all the hard work, and you only pay for qualified transfers.

We have years of experience providing full-stack marketing solutions for the legal domain, and our lead gen process is fully TCPA compliant. You can reach out to our team by clicking on the link below.